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‘I can no longer lie,

Or continue to pretend,

For every mask I wear,

Destroys me in the end.’

One-on-One / In Person or Online

Jan offers psychotherapy in Byron Bay & Lismore, NSW (Australia) in person, or online via Skype.

The frequency and format of these sessions depends on the individual's needs as determined in the first discovery session.

  • Sessions are 1 hour, a rate of $160 applies. 

One on One
Couples Therapy  - In Person or Online

Working through our relationship challenges in couples therapy allows each person the support and space to truly voice, hear, and attend to the issues that arise in any situation. Attending to the notion of 'coupledom' is insufficient as each person brings their own history and perspective to the relationship, coming to understanding each other's perspectives is an integral part of the work.

  • Sessions are 1 hour 30 minutes, a rate of $200 applies. 

  • Pay for 5 sessions in advance and pay $190 per session. 

Couples Therapy
Workshops & Retreats
Group Therapy  - In Person or Online

Jan facilitates healing within a group setting for a variety of issues and situations. For those looking for support relating to sexual abuse, domestic violence, anger management, addictions and the perinatal experience, amongst others.


  • Session times and places upon request.

  • Sessions are 1 hour and a half, a minimum rate of $75 p/p applies.

Workshops & Retreats

The workshops outlined below are for professional and personal participation, and available internationally for those seeking a more profound level of understanding.

Contact Jan for further information.

Personal Exploration

  • The Silent Witness: Become more cognisant of your responses and reactions, and more familiar with the observer within.

  • Dream Investigation: Gain a deeper understanding of your individual imagery and personal narrative.

  • Life Transitions: Coming to terms with death and dying, and thus learning to embrace life. 

  • Unspoken Dialogue: Improve your professional relationships by recognising your own and others unconscious behaviours.

  • Touching Dragons: Discovering the uncharted territories of our psyche.

  • Sacred Space and Ritual: The use of sacred space and ritual in conducting rites of passage.

  • Wild Women: Finding empowerment in disowned wildness.

Mental Health Professionals

  • Intimate Enemies: Navigating the transference.

  • Attachment: Exploring the role of attunement in the therapeutic encounter.

  • Dissociation and Visualisation: Using imagery to highlight dissociative mechanisms.

  • Symbolism in the Therapeutic Encounter: Attention to symbolism in the therapeutic encounter. 


Supervision is a requirement for professional development and qualification, and essential for a therapist's personal journey. 

As a supervisor Jan provides the support and feedback necessary for a therapist to manage issues such as transference and other ethical concerns.


  • Sessions are 1 hour, a rate of $175 applies. 


As a mentor, Jan draws upon her own lifetime of inner exploration, as well as her own experience being in and conducting therapy. Over the years her spiritual practices including meditation have led to her to deeper understandings of the challenges we face in the quest for growth and self-discovery.

Mentorship can help guide you if  you've ever asked yourself, "How do I connect with myself, and others?", or "What do I want to offer?".

Described as "working with those who seek to bridge their internal and external worlds, shed light on their limitations, and reveal their essential nature", Jan enjoys working with those willing to explore their own vulnerability and seeking a connection with themselves, and their own magic.

  • Sessions are 1 hour 15 minutes, a rate of $225 applies. 

  • Pay for 5 sessions in advance and pay $215 per session. 

  • Pay for 10 sessions in advance and pay $200 per session. 

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