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Engage in the ritual of psychotherapy.

Explore the tapestry of life.

About Jan


Jan Campbell Thompson has spent her life exploring the realms of the unconscious and symbolism. She works with individuals and couples, using traditional psychotherapy, dream analysis and visualisation helping patients  to explore, understand and give meaning to their life experiences.

Her professional interests, practice and experience range across all areas of the human condition, including trauma in all its forms, and the myriad elements involved in relating and relationship. Concerns about attachment, loss and grief, the experience of being an adoptee, and the perinatal experience for pregnant and new mothers are just a few areas with which Jan is highly experienced. 


For over 20 years Jan has been in private practice as a Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist, held workshops and retreats, given lectures, and taught the theory and clinical practice of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy across Australia.

She is a clinical member of both ANZAP (Australia and NZ association of Psychotherapists) and IARPP (International Association of Relationship Psychotherapists).

Jan holds a B.A. (Psych),  Adv.Dip. and Grad.Dip (Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy), is certified in Infant Observation Studies and holds an Psychoanalysis.

Therapy for the heart, mind and soul


Couples therapy provides each person the space they need to truly voice, hear, and address challenges within a relationship. 

Jan provides a safe and supportive environment so that individuals are able work through these challenges, together.   


Jan facilitates healing within a group setting for a variety of issues, such as those relating to trauma, loss, questions of identity, addiction, and shame. 

Jan also holds groups specific for women going through the perinatal experience (the weeks immediately prior to and after birth). 

Workshops & Retreats

Jan offers one-on-one therapy ONLINE, or IN PERSON in Byron Bay and Lismore, NSW (Australia).

The frequency and format of these sessions depends on an individuals' needs, determined in the first discovery session. 


Jan holds a variety of workshops and retreats for professional and personal in-depth explorations.

Available internationally, Jan tailors each experience to the needs of the audience and environment in which they're held.

Supervision is a requirement for professional development and qualification, and essential for a therapist's personal journey. 

Years of clinical experience inform her supervisory approach.

Drawing upon a lifetime of inner exploration through meditation, a host of spiritual practices and experiences, and many years of therapy- Jan now aids others on their own journey towards self-discovery.

Jan describes this as "working with those who seek to bridge their internal and external worlds, shed light on their limitations, and reveal their essential nature."


"I attended Jan's "Touching Dragons" workshop, as a part of my journey of personal growth. It taught me so much about myself and others, and I am very grateful to have had this invaluable experience. Anyone and everyone would benefit from taking part in Jan's workshop. ~ Katherine Hope-Hume

"I chose to do the Touching Dragons workshop with Jan as I was looking for an experiential workshop, rather than the psycho-educational type of professional development that are commonly on offer. This workshop was a gentle, safe, timeless and interesting way to explore areas within myself that can be uncomfortable to go, and I did it in a group!

For me, to talk in a group is terrifying, however during the workshop the fear subsided and there were moments that I was able to have a laugh about myself and let go. I'm left feeling gratitude for the day, the people I was fortunate to meet and share the experience with, and also for what I saw within myself." ~ Michelle 

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